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I had the opportunity to try Cedar Lake for the first time on a cloudy but calm fall day in early October. At this time of year in Minnesota, bass can be found concentrated in either shallow or deep water. I was just going to have to try both to find out where they were.

I put my boat in at the ramp on Calhoun Lake and trolling motored my way through the canals to Cedar Lake. The water in Calhoun was very clear but once I entered Lake of the Isles the water became quite murky, and when I finally got to Cedar Lake the water was very clear again. It seemed like it must have taken me about a half an hour to make that trip, but maybe it wasn’t really that long.

As I positioned my boat near a large underwater point in about 18 feet of water where I wanted to start fishing, I noticed that there were a lot of small bream or sunfish mouthing the surface of the water. That is usually a good sign that there may be bass below them that are feeding on them from time to time.

I had a spinnerbait all rigged up and ready so I started out by casting it around and through the area that the bait fish were swimming in and that's how I managed to catch my first bass of the day. It was an above average size fish too. I couldn’t get any others to hit the spinnerbait so I switched to a jig that I had rigged up with a grub for a trailer and started fishing the deep weed line with that.

After working that same point, and quite a bit of other shoreline, I caught the biggest bass that I had caught so far that year on any of my TV shows. Later I caught the most spotted bass I have ever caught in my entire life. I caught several other bass as well and had a very productive and fun day on Cedar Lake. I had so much fun fishing the Jig on the deep weed line that I never did get a chance to see if there were any bass in shallow water.

watch the video below and learn how to catch bass that are feeding on schooling baitfish.

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Lures Used: Jigs and a spinnerbait. Water Clarity: Clear. Water Color: Green. Time of Year: Fall. Cover/Structure: Deep weed line. Type of fish caught: largemouth bass. Topics of Discussion: Fishing around bait fish.

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